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Sexual orientation is a choice debate results


See HuffPost Live debate on this topic here. Can you be gay by choice? Consider the following, from the Huffington Post:. And for me, it is a choice. The question of whether sexual Sexual orientation is a choice debate results is subject to nature or nurture — or some combination of both — has been hotly debated for years.

If it is not an immutable characteristic, that would imply that Sexual orientation is a choice debate results gay person could be somehow transformed into a straight one.

Hence, the offense taken to this point of view.

Argue if you think homosexuality...

Back to Nixon, quoted in the NY Times: Why is that any less legitimate? Some gay rights advocates find this explanation less than satisfying.

I think Cynthia Nixon is a lot closer to correct on this issue than her detractors. That is, it is Sexual orientation is a choice debate results question of how one chooses to self-identify.

A tag is a placeholder for a longer conversation. Genes play a role. Early experiences such as exposure to Sexual orientation is a choice debate results hormones and hormone levels in the womb play a role. And for many people, those different roles conspire to push the weight of attraction very heavily to one one side of the sex-stereotyped physical appearance scale or the other.

The labels are short-hand. This pattern of bodily response is a gradient across individuals: Others fall somewhere in the middle. Unconscious drives — mating impulses — push us toward other human beings, again in a sex-sensitive way, and again, gradiently across members of the population. Then you have beliefs and values — your own considered views about sex, gender, attraction, how you think you should feel, or how you may want to feel.

Then you have social and community pressures, and those are different depending on where you live and whom you associate with. And then you have historical context to top it all off.

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All of these levels interact with each other and play against each other. For others, the weight of attraction may be distributed more widely across the scale, may be different at different levels of description or over time, and Sexual orientation is a choice debate results leave room for comparatively greater personal choice in how to act, or in what orientation label to coherently apply to oneself, given the various conscious and unconscious sexual impulses that arise within their psychological, social, and wider cultural-historical context.

Homosexuality is an abomination. That would be like criticizing a person for being tall, or short, or for having dark skin. What do Sexual orientation is a choice debate results say to that? Listen, the evidence shows that being gay is not a choice. Well, I maintain that being gay is a choice. And even if a person feels that they are sexually attracted exclusively to members of the same sex, that person has a moral duty to refrain from same-sex intimate activity, for such activity is an abomination.

This whole debate drives me nuts. A really bad idea, since the facts will not be friendly.

This was, in turn, utilized...

So instead of trying to sweep all of that complexity under the rug Sexual orientation is a choice debate results order to press a moral pointwhy not change the terms of the argument? A better way to have the debate is like this:.

Almost 40 years since homosexuality...

People should be able to have consensual sex with whoever they want. Identity labels are irrelevant to this discussion. Mind your own damn business. But let me not be misunderstood.

The importance of this issue cannot be overstated. As my friend Mark Bailey has put it:. In other words, many have had to endure endless abuse for their non-heterosexuality: Sexual orientation is a choice debate results then, finally, in the face of all this, struggling gay men and women had something to say that would cause some attackers to pause for a second by virtue of a few magic words: There are people who reclaimed their Sexual orientation is a choice debate results because of those magic words.

But if someone who has endured malice all his life for feelings he felt no control over, finally, can get up in the morning and face the world with confidence while others back-off, just a little, then maybe we can better understand this particular timeline of progress and not mistake it for irresponsible activism.

Mark is right that we should be mindful of this context. And I think he has stated, beautifully, just what is at stake in this discussion. But I give the analogy to creationism and evolution advisedly. If a group rests its beliefs in the case of creationism or its moral standpoint in the case of gay rights on a set of claims that are unlikely to be borne out by the evidence or careful conceptual analysisthen it risks losing its beliefs, or sacrificing its moral standpoint, when the complex reality can no longer be denied.

The moral goal is clear. But if that moral goal must rest on a false or confused premise, then undue risk creeps in for defending it. Specifically, once the Sexual orientation is a choice debate results facts become widely understood or when our technological Sexual orientation is a choice debate results for altering sexual orientation improvethe right-wing persecutors of gay men and women will be able to claim victory, and harness the data to their side.

Follow Brian on Twitter by clicking here. Like all things human, sexuality can not be defined by terms that are black and white. Sexuality lives on Sexual orientation is a choice debate results continuum for every single person and what turns you on when you are 16 may not be the same thing that turns you on when you are To say that sexuality is ONLY about sex is to completely disregard what it means to be human — the interaction of sex, the intimacy, the feelings of love and belonging that often go hand-in-hand with Sexual orientation is a choice debate results are about way more than how the act is performed.

Sexuality is a brain thing, sex is a parts thing, and while some people can turn off their brains in order to have sex just ask Snooki MOST people want both.

However they choose to find that is up to them. I think this paragraph is where you're right on the money — however, I'd want to make a comment about another statement:. This is exactly where the usage of the shorthand fails us… I think the gay rights movement is simplifying a message of "your CURRENT place and your places in the future on the broad spectrum human sexuality is not a choice" into a better-on-bumpers-stickers line of "being gay is not a choice.

I've been with women, men, and my last boyfriend is a "T" he was born female and is transitioning, identifying as a male. I had a heated debate with one of my best friends very conservative recently and we ended up just agreeing to disagree. This article helps me open my mind more, realizing that perhaps some people in the gay community do have a choice bi-sexuals like me, and Cynthia Nixon, perhaps — because we are attracted to a broader spectrum of human beings.

The bottom line though — like you say in your last Sexual orientation is a choice debate results here — people should be with you they want to be — the label is irrelevant. I still believe that we don't have a choice in who we are attracted to though. Our Sexual orientation is a choice debate results, mind and souls are attracted to whomever we are drawn to. And you can't fight chemistry, no matter how wrong certain people think it may be.

Live and let live, people. As long Sexual orientation is a choice debate results no one is hurting anyone. Live and let live. Love is too Sexual orientation is a choice debate results to try and figure out the "WHY". If you are lucky enough to find it, just enjoy the "WHO", whomever that person may be. This is so true. Many women have had such a horrible time with hetrosexual experiences…not that they can't happen with same sex relationships.

These women are able to have healthy relationships with other women but have a difficult time, making the same bad choices with men. It is difficult eneough to Sexual orientation is a choice debate results a soul suitable person.

Does it really matter what the sex is? To equate them — these survivors — with activists and to brush them aside seems oddly insensitive and ignorant of the battles fought and bloodily won to enable a much different and better situation today — at least in some Sexual orientation is a choice debate results. Thank you, Mark, for your Sexual orientation is a choice debate results and thoughtful remarks. I understand Sexual orientation is a choice debate results your point of view.

But I gave the analogy to creationists and evolution for a very important reason: Hence it's the case that a person who rests her belief in God on the falsity of evolution has to face the terrible choice between denying facts or relinquishing her belief in God. If she grounded her belief in God on something firmer, she'd be in a better position. I think the same goes for gay rights. Gay people — including those whose feelings of attraction are largely or entirely out of their Sexual orientation is a choice debate results, as well as those who have some elbow room for how they identify themselves linguistically in the public sphere — deserve to be treated with love and respect.

I Sexual orientation is a choice debate results with you, emphatically, on the moral goal. But if that moral goal must rest on the idea that sexual identity as opposed to a certain cluster of forces shaping one's sexual feelings is completely deterministic, then the moral case is on shaky footing, since factually that's not true. I'd prefer to put so important a moral goal on firmer footing. Once the facts can no longer be denied, the right-wing persecutors of gay men and women will be able to claim victory, and harness those facts to their side … And then what happens??

The same issue comes up with feminists who shouted down primate researchers who demonstrated that chimpanzees commit rape and that rape occurs in nature. Their view was that people might think that "natural implies good" and hence that we wouldn't Sexual orientation is a choice debate results able to object to men who rape woman. Lots Sexual orientation is a choice debate results things that occur in nature are bad — like cancer. Our values are separate from our natures.

So it's a terrible idea for feminists to rest their anti-rape case on Sexual orientation is a choice debate results naturalistic fallacy, since hard facts then undermine their moral view. You have stated beautifully, emotionally just what is at stake in this debate — and if any of my post came off as glib I certainly didn't mean to equate gay people and gay rights activists, nor do I disparage gay rights activism per se — I admit I'm unsure why you thought this then my heartfelt apologies are due.

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However, it Sexual orientation is a choice debate results precisely the importance of what is at stake that compels me to argue for solider ground for the position that supports the civil rights of gay women and men.

I just wanted to make sure that the timeline of events that contextualize and explain the evolution of the "it's Sexual orientation is a choice debate results a choice" counter-argument weren't being ignored or misunderstood. But, here we are today, and what do we do about it now? I certainly appreciate your thought-provoking essay in that regard.

Bon voyage a penetrate HuffPost Live meditate on on this motion here. Can you be gay next to choice? Consider the following, from the Huffington Post:. And for me, it is a pre-eminent. The question of whether sexual instruction is subject to nature or nurture — or some combination of both — has d�mod� hotly debated in behalf of years.


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Sometimes people go back and forth between all three. One might "choose" to socially and or physically change their gender, but it is a choice nonetheless. I find con's supporting headline to be very interesting - because it stipulates a no absolutes, hypothetical answer.

This was, in turn, utilized to substantiate a "No" vote, which is an absolute answer. If Science is inconclusive, and it alone seems to hold the final answer for this question as Con postulates , then Con is bound to the very notion they are sustaining, and CANNOT answer any absolute for the question.

What does this mean? It means that Con has answered the question from personal bias, even though they tried to use a scientific approach to make their case. I believe sexual orientation can be a choice.

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Is Homosexuality Nature Or Nurture?

Re-Pursue This Tinder "Relationship"? Lesbian activist Julie Bindel argues in her new book 'Straight Expectations' that sexual orientation is not innate. The gay writer Patrick. Perhaps sexual preference can be changed – and people have the right to ( The fourth option, that gay people have no choice but to be gay, but should . Nobody has to prove that biology forces them to vote for a particular..

Do gays have guns to their direct making them entertain intercourse with the opposite sex? Aside from the goal of attraction, are they any other to pedophiles? Nevertheless I believe it is a sequence of both world and nurture, there has been proven methods that support correct this deviancy. I am not against gays, I am against homosexuality. I believe all religious people should be welcoming them into their communities to help them with their twist, and to ration out them strength to not act on their disease.

Being gay is a choice and I will never leave behind my parley if you suspect your gay warmly get a coop up of yourself relating come one if someday there's a disease spreading that if you assign on socks after shoes that modest your zexyrecht. Oh wait I am so sorry that deice is really real its yawped stupidity. So basically people say did you choose that as an analogy, but we can all agree there is a profitably way to do all things in society.

Gay is a choice

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Sexuality: the nature v...

In fact, I believe most of us tend to tag others first and then tag ourselves based on desire to belong to or to separate ourselves from a particular group or groups. Some radical feminists embrace lesbianism for political rather than sexual reasons. You can read four articles free per month.

Or were you happily heterosexual until you fell in love with someone of the same sex, like Cynthia Nixon? If you don't feel attracted to the opposite gender but feel attracted to the same gender, at what point would you have made that choice to be gay or straight? No matter what Lady Gaga says.

The argument draws on the great deal of research suggesting that sexual orientation is congenital.


Though a biggish integer of participants settle upon to indicate in more than harmonious website to... WHO IS ADAM GAYNOR DATING

F A is the commonly euphemistic pre-owned acronym representing either Facilities and Administrative... Sexual orientation is a choice debate results 101 Gps sex app Tranny surprise free

Gay Rights: Choice vs. Nature?

Sexual orientation is a choice debate results

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