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Readymade madisar saree in bangalore dating


Readymade madisar saree in bangalore dating had been in my wishlist for quite some time and finally I bought myself a copy of it. For now, let me share my experience from yesterday of rearranging and organizing my wardrobe using Readymade madisar saree in bangalore dating Konmari method. I had finished the chapter on clothes and was excited about attacking my wardrobe yesterday afternoon. As much as it made me very uncomfortable, I went ahead with it.

Summer clothes sorted and put back in a corner of the top shelf. BTW, those were swimwear, swim cap and a robe. Winter clothes grouped a sweater, a jacket and a couple of shawls kept in an accessible location in one of the shelves. Night pyjamas, yoga t-shirts and pants - done. Dumped a few of the old t-shirts that I no longer need in a corner. Then started sorting the tops and kurtas. That was the story of my 2-year-old FabIndia kurtas - faded and looked so dull.

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For the price I paid, I would have ideally kept it back and used them for 2 more years. But this time, I decided to give them away. I know many of my friends swear by its clothes but it is just NOT Readymade madisar saree in bangalore dating me. A shopping bag full of clothes to be disposed. Little did I knew what was coming next. Yep, the dreadful sarees! I have a shelf full of them - cotton, fancy embroidery, silk. Off I went, unfolded all of them and spread them on my bed, fan switched on at full speed.

Readymade madisar saree in bangalore...

For a few hours, my room smelled like a kalyana mandapam. Meanwhile, it was Readymade madisar saree in bangalore dating time to pick up my daughter from school bus. I slowly diverted her attention and Readymade madisar saree in bangalore dating her away from the war zone.

While D ate her lunch, the sarees were breathing some fresh air. Then I started the heavy-duty task of refolding my silk sarees. Ladies, if you want to get strong arms, do take up this task of unfolding and refolding Readymade madisar saree in bangalore dating heavy silk and embroidery sarees Readymade madisar saree in bangalore dating. Even better if you have 9-yard ones.

I wonder how my grandmother washed, folded and wore a 9-yard madisar every single day. If it was me, my half-a-day would be gone, just executing these 3 steps. Some emotional eating strike that, emotional hogging happened, thanks to yummilicious plum cake that hubby dear bought from a famous bakery in Frazer Town.

It was almost evening by then. ALL sarees went back to the cupboard and I promised Readymade madisar saree in bangalore dating that will be my year of sarees. All that were left behind were the accessories. As soon as she saw the bangles and clips, she got too excited. She helped herself to a cute pony tail, a few bangles and a necklace. We returned home after an hour and then I spent one more hour to clear up the remaining knick-knacks.

Healthy Eating is not ONLY about adding super foods and nutrient-dense foods Readymade madisar saree in bangalore dating our everyday diet, but also about eliminating the harmful, the unnecessary ones. Here are the 5 foods that I stopped buying this year. In the morning rush hour cooking, it takes just a few seconds to grab the pack from the fridge, squeeze a tsp of such pastes in gravies and put it back in the fridge.

But is it really worth it? The alternative is to make a batch of home made ginger garlic paste and stock it. I find that too cumbersome a process to peel a big batch of garlic and ginger. So as and when needed, I peel cloves of garlic and a small piece of ginger, finely chop them up and add it to my gravies. They taste fresh and bring amazing flavour to the dish without any preservatives.

Biscuits Earlier, there used to be stock of biscuits at home, mainly to go with our evening chai. This year, I put an end to it completely. If we feel like having some munchies Readymade madisar saree in bangalore dating go with chai, we either have it with roasted peanuts or roasted makhana. When my daughter asks for biscuits, I buy the smallest pack once a month. Bread We used to buy bread on a weekly basis, as my husband used to have sandwiches almost on a daily basis, either after his morning run or pack it for his evening office snack.

He has now stopped bread altogether and takes fruit, dates and chikkis. Many of us tend to buy brown bread or whole wheat bread, thinking they are healthier. But they do contain large proportions of maida, along with various other Readymade madisar saree in bangalore dating in the form of improvers, Readymade madisar saree in bangalore dating agents and preservatives.

Oats I have written enough about oats in my previous articles. Being a firm believer of adopting local foods, I decided I no longer need oats in my pantry. The quick cooking ones we get from the market are highly processed to the extent that there are no nutrients left.

For light breakfast, I resort to fruits or ragi porridge these days. Through such signals, I learnt that I have started to hate the flavour of instant coffee. Yes, the same instant coffee brand that I have had for years. I can't believe it was so easy to quit instant coffee. What foods did you stop buying this year? What were your alternatives? What foods do you plan to stop buying in ? Please share in the comments below. Do pick the ones that are relevant to you. It cannot be outsourced to food corporations or restaurants on a daily basis, if we care about our health.

Yet another year is coming to an end.

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Around the same time last year, I was winding up my last-day formalities with Flipkart. I decided to just let time take its course and go with my intuition. I was clear about one criteria though - I wanted those hours that I have for myself to do meaningful work. That goal translated into more activity in my blog.

The number of blogposts I wrote this year Readymade madisar saree in bangalore dating the highest in my blogging journey of the last 13 years.

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Except for a few random posts and book reviews, the majority of them were around food and nutrition. I especially enjoyed the process of writing about different packaged foodstheir ingredients and nutritional information.

Supermarket visits became more interesting - looking for new products, clicking pictures in various angles and then rushing home to write about the same. Words flowed very easily when written with passion and a genuine need to share. Change begins at home - my husband who used to eat a lot more packaged foods has cut down tremendously after reading my blogposts.

My daughter D is much more cooperative when I Readymade madisar saree in bangalore dating her not to eat a specific junk food.

A few of my Readymade madisar saree in bangalore dating friends have stopped buying packaged foods. My Readymade Readymade madisar saree in bangalore dating saree in bangalore dating have switched to hand-pounded rice and millets and their sugar levels are normal. Gives me so much satisfaction and happiness. And the journey has just begun. Apart from writing, managed to read quite a number of books this year. Appa ennum villain by Bharathi Baskar 3.

Power of habit by Charles Duhigg 4. Mary Kom autobiography 5. Deep work by Cal Newport 6. Uyir Pizhai by Dr. Udal nalam kaakum iyarkai maruthuvam by R. Idapaagam by Senthamizhan short book 9. Looking for the rainbow by Ruskin Bond When Dimple met Rishi by Sandhya Menon Indian Super Foods by Rujuta Diwekar The Readymade madisar saree in bangalore dating hunter of Chottanikkara by S V Sujatha What Kitty Readymade madisar saree in bangalore dating by Trisha Bora Meendu selludhal by Senthamizhan A Book of Simple living by Ruskin Bond Turtles all the way down by John Green Murder in Paharganj Readymade madisar saree in bangalore dating Kurdeep Pregnancy Notes by Rujuta Diwekar A house for Mr.

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