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Kenny hill player series

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But then, on a fall day inHill was Kenny hill player series in the mountains of northern California when he experienced a seismic shift—both literally Kenny hill player series figuratively. Classical guitar players throughout the world have that fateful day to thank for the fine concert instruments that Hill has designed and made during the last three decades—models both traditional and innovative, with double soundboards and upper-bout soundports.

The instruments of the Kenny hill player series Guitar Company are seen in the hands of many formidable performers: Hill, 66, was a teenager in the s, and like many of his generation, his first forays into music-making involved learning songs by Bob Kenny hill player series.

Our PLAYER Series guitars are...

Unlike the typical folkie, though, Kenny hill player series branched out into playing pieces by J. Bach on a church Kenny hill player series. He eventually tired of the instrument and its culture, which he found staid, but not the Baroque.

The same housemate bought a guitar store and eventually hired Hill as a repairman. After about six Kenny hill player Kenny hill player series of this work, Hill moved to the sunnier climes of Santa Barbara, California, and set up his own repair shop.

One day at the shop, Kenny hill player series encountered Kenny hill player series gentleman who had intended to build instruments in retirement, but had dropped this plan. Then I made another, and another. Rather, they were a kind of cobbling together of ideas by masters like Torres, Hauser, and others—construction aspects that were readily apparent on the Kenny hill player series that Hill Kenny hill player series seen in his work as a repairman.

Headquartered in Ben Lomond, California,...

Parallel to his Kenny hill player series guitars, Hill blossomed as a musician. Though he never studied classical guitar at a university or conservatory, he got a solid education through attending master Kenny hill player series of the players who came through Southern California.

That Hill thinks of his early instruments as pathetic, speaks more about his high standards Kenny hill player series his level of craftsmanship at the time. Inhe was awarded a California Arts Council grant—a Kenny hill player series boon for his work both as a luthier and musician. Around the same time, Hill returned to his place of origin, Santa Cruz, California. He focused on performing, and though his credentials as a classical guitarist were modest, on the strength of his musicianship, he was appointed as a guitar instructor at the University of California, Santa Cruz.

Hill played in concert regularly during this time, but a livelihood as a performing artist eluded him. In the mids, Hill focused professionally on his automotive shop, while playing guitar casually on the side.

This caused Hill to work Kenny hill player series much different methodologies than he had as a luthier. I took this approach with me when I came back to luthierie—looking at making a sound-board not as such a naval-gazing, meditative experience, but Kenny hill player series something that would take a certain amount of time to craft into a good guitar component. Previously, building guitars had been a solitary pursuit for Hill, but in three years of working with the program, he came to enjoy building instruments collaboratively.

While covering the event, Kenny hill player series admired the instruments of the luthiers of Paracho, especially given their paucity of resources in terms of construction materials and general instrument-making knowledge. And so he decided to take action: I learned how to speak Spanish and worked side-by-side with these artisans; it was wonderfully inspiring. At the same time, I had four kids and a wife, and so I had to evolve some marketing skills, so as to be profitable enough to support my family and keep building.

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While his Paracho workshop was in operation—until the early s—Hill felt the need to get back to basics, so he spent several Kenny hill player series crafting a handful of rather marketable models in the style of the great nylon-string luthiers. I built guitars in the style of everyone from Torres to Fleta, always asking things like: Which one is me?

Which resonates the most? Eventually, Hill grew tired of commuting between California and Mexico, Kenny Kenny hill player series player series in Paracho he spent anywhere from several Kenny hill player series to several weeks each month.

InHill, emboldened by his work setting Kenny hill player series a factory in Mexico, partnered with a factory in China to produce guitars built to his specifications. Still, the instruments Hill finds the most satisfying to make are the ones that he and a small team build on a custom basis at the Hill Guitar Co.

Kenny Hill Guitar

This article was originally published in the Spring issue of Classical Guitar magazine. Click here for more information on the issue.

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