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Bria murphy and wale dating who


Nicki Minaj is an amazing rapper, but she may also have a future in journalism. In the video, which picks up where Wale's "Bad" video left off, the rapper gets drunk in a room by himself, while his leading lady Bria Murphy is getting married to another man.

By the end of the clip, Wale appears in the church and Bria leaves her would-be-hubby at the alter. Lmfaoooo," Nicki wrote on Instagram on Friday, baffled on how Wale got the got Bria murphy and wale dating who girl at the end.

I love this song way too much for u to f--k my mind up in the video. U should lose her cuz that's not how life Bria murphy and wale dating who Minaj out -- because Bria murphy and wale dating who was busy on stage with Meek Mill and Future. In the name of good journalism we cornered Wale backstage at Phillips Arena and asked him all the questions on Nicki's mind.

Have you seen the next video? Did I get her? Is it a dream? Am I still in my room contemplating? Did I get to the wedding?


Next week on "Dragon Ball Z. You don't even know. This sh-t could be "Inception" na.

Eddie Murphy's daughter Bria Murphy....

More than anything, you don't know. I Bria murphy and wale dating who it like that for a reason, it's not a definitive ending What a lot of people didn't really catch is that it's a continuation of 'Bad. Right, because there are the original scenes with you and Bria Murphy in the bed. Nah, but it's a continuation and there's more to come.

I mean you gotta watch the video close. I'm in my room ripping the sh-t apart, breaking glasses, getting drunk. If I did that, how Bria murphy and wale dating who I make it to the wedding? I was f--ked up. You gotta think, I'm really on some ill; trying to make everybody think.

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