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Liquid ebony car polish


How many of you professional detailers are using Liquid Ebony? Isent Liquid Ebony old school?

How many of your professional...

Liquid ebony Liquid ebony car polish polish do you mean, "old school? The following was posted on www. Made by Clearbright, Liquid ebony car polish stuff is the original swirl remover and is usually only found in automotive painters supply stores. For getting out fine scratches or swirl marks out of paint after buffing there simply is no better product. When Liquid Ebony came out there was no such thing as foam buffing pads, so when you used it it still left swirl marks from the wool padsalthough much less.

Liquid ebony

Now I would think that with the modern foam pads Liquid Ebony would work just fine. Larry Did you not use it with a sheepskin finishing pad? At the time it done the job much better then compound alone. Thats all that they would buy. You could not get the best results with a woven wool pad which is a cutting pad.

There were Liquid ebony car polish old timers, who did develop unbelieveable buffing skills with a Liquid ebony car polish cutting pad that Liquid ebony car polish swirl remover and polish with them, but they are not around anymore. I know what your going to say Bud, that the wool pads caused the swirls, and you are right.

When I Liquid ebony car polish starting buffing we did Lustur Seal treatments and with that we used sheepskin, and it did Liquid ebony car polish a better finish. Back then they use to say that if you sprinkeled corn starch on the paint and lightly buffed dry that it would remove swirls.

I never tried it.

I remember a product called...

I should have just Liquid ebony car polish see if it worked. I am still around, used a 4 ply wool and heavy cutting compound, Liquid ebony car polish Liquid Ebony or Black Magic with a natural lambs wool, low speed, then some corn starch with the pad litely misted with water.

Liquid Ebony is a mildly...

Fro, until the early to mid 70's. That was for old lacquer type refinish jobs. No need for that today with advances made in buffing materials, and the high solid urethane clears used. I used to own a reconditioning business. Actually got started in it in the late 's and had Liquid ebony car polish used car business and an auto recon business Liquid ebony car polish or thereabouts till I used a lot of liquid ebony.

It was great Liquid ebony car polish and if used properly and if the paint wasn't too far gone it often eliminated the need to first use compound. Is it Liquid ebony car polish being made???

Talking to a number of chemists in the auto detail industry, including our own, Liquid ebony car polish they tell me about Liquid Ebony is the following: Rather it is just a unique combination of oils and Liquid ebony car polish abrasives that seem to work well with a buffer and polishing pad, especially on black and dark colored paints.

It has the same type of abrasives that numerous Liquid ebony car polish polishes utilize. You could be called it "old technology" because it does not use some of Liquid ebony car polish alumina based abrasives used in many compounds and polishes today.

However, it still buffs today's clear-coats of today just as Liquid ebony car polish as it did on the single stage paints. The Liquid ebony car polish difference in paint finishes of today vs yesterday is the lowering of the VOC's and higher solids paint. Neither of those things change much on how paint is buffed.

As most detailers know you have to be more careful with today's clears because there is only Liquid ebony car polish. Even with today's water-based paint systems there are no problems using something like Liquid Ebony, Liquid ebony car polish result is the same. What is important is pad and how the detailer uses the tool. Liquid Ebony or like products does Liquid ebony car polish have the kind of abrasives in it that will remove deep swirls or scratches, it is really a Liquid ebony car polish type product to provide a "flawless" finish on black or dark paint finishes.

It is really all about what Liquid ebony car polish want to achieve. That is why it is important for a detailer to understand the products they are using and how they perform and what they will do.

Liquid ebony car polish Bud Abraham Reply Quote. If you run out we will be offering a like product called "Black Beauty. I dont believe in using short term fillers, either correction polishes, paint deep cleaners and long term fillers Reply Liquid ebony car polish. You are absolutely correct, it Liquid ebony car polish a filler. Then protect with a wax or paint sealant. How does the product work with a forced action polisher?

Gina Not familiar with the term "forced action polisher. Now that they have become popular it is no longer a trade secret. I assume you are aware of dual action polishers well with forced action polishers the pad moves in a forced rotation that keeps moving even when you put some pressure on the machine. OK, thanks for the explanation. What you are calling "forced action" I would call dual-action which is similiar to the Cyclo and Flex action as well as our Dual Action Buffer as we call it to not confuse it with an orbital which will stop with pressure applied.

The Black Beauty Liquid ebony car polish work perfectly with a dual action tool, at leaset our air powered dual action buffer and a polishing pad. Liquid ebony car polish is like asking Coke to share their formula for their Liquid ebony car polish. Let me know Bud A Reply Quote.

I have both the cyclo and da and it is not the same Reply Quote. Then what is a forced action tool. Can you provide me a brand name and model? Does anyone else here know the term, "forced action polisher. Try using a festool feq and see if there is a difference between a porter cabale dual action or cyclo. The festool feq can Liquid ebony car polish be used as a dual action with the switch of a button. Edited 1 time s.

I would agree, although you did not say it. If you know something that we do not know Gina please let us know the "action" of the tool you are describing as well as the brand and model number.

You make some wonderful points and I am certainly glad that you have found a process and system that works for you. This product, Black Beauty is just another Liquid ebony car polish many on the market available for detailer to try and to use Liquid ebony car polish reject based on what they are trying to achieve.

What Liquid ebony car polish have discovered in my years in this business is that the "detailer" puts some stress on themselves to Liquid ebony car polish out a "flawless finish" than the customer wants or even appreciates. And this includes the supposed "know it all Liquid ebony car polish. Few I have ever found worry about the paint finish as long as it shines.

Have recently opened an express detail service operation in a car wash and all we do is maintenance waxes, Liquid ebony car polish shampoos, seats shampoos. It is amazing how many people with luxury cars when told our service will not take out scratches, water spots, etc.

And, when they come back they say, "see I told you, the car looks great, thank you and I will bring my wife's car in tomorrow. If you do not want to detail that way then you need to focus on very anal-retentive customers who want everything to be perfect and are willing to pay for it.

Liquid ebony car polish you find a few of those send me their profile I would like to locate those types in my city. The only ana-retentive Liquid ebony car polish I know does everything himself because he does not believe anyone can do it to his satisfaction.

What a business should do is to offer services to meet consumer needs and those services should be called something else. For example when a customer requests a detailing service I respond to the question with a detailed explanation of what those services are Liquid ebony car polish the cost and then based on condition of vehicle I am evaluating As an example supposed a customer spilled a gallon of milk in the vehicle and wanted me to detail and shampoo the vehicle only I will decline the job as it is a no-win situation for me and for him Sorry, only registered users may post in this forum.

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