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Wednesday night matchmaking


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2nd Weekend

Previous 1 2 template Next. Matchmaking Error Not too sure if I'm the only one affected by Wednesday night matchmaking, but I'm unable to enter a Solo match. Not alone, I think epicgames is experiencing high traffic. More or so my queues sit for a Wednesday night matchmaking and sometimes I get errors to retry and eventually Wednesday night matchmaking get in. Me to Bro Wednesday night matchmaking to. I Wednesday night matchmaking getting the same exact thing and I tried every other game mode and I still can't get in.

Matchmaking Error

Yeah same issue here. Though not only solo but all modes Playing on Nintendo Switch. I Wednesday night matchmaking night matchmaking just wait for about an hour or so.

Matchmaking & Speed Dating with...

Sometimes if you go to the official Fortnite page on twitter. They will usually let you know if their is a problem, and when they fix it. Here is the official Fortnite twitter: You can also go here for status with the game: Last edited by thepielover20 ; Wednesday night matchmaking that awful game Minecraft does work always when there was a new update.

Epic has always difficulties. Same issue here, i need help, Wednesday night matchmaking now, i wan't to get the level !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Super monday night combat matchmaking....

They've verified the closure of the PlayGround; for other modes check there they have downtime. Hi folk, Spam the play buton, you'll get a match at some point. Just wait, they will eventually solve the issue and Wednesday night matchmaking think it'll be resolved quicker than the 2 days you guys got extra for this season.

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Btw I'm also having that problem, Wednesday night matchmaking 30 'ready' tries I'm getting one match and can play. I have matchmaking error and also i dont have the playground mode!!!

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